About Us

We assist organizations to harness the collective intelligence of their people to achieve productive outcomes.

As our name indicates our group has a range of offerings to do this very well.

More insight into the essence of our services can be found from looking at the origins of our logo.

Our services are called upon by a range of organizations which are confronting complex challenges. Examples:

  • How may we make the most use of this opportunity?
  • What is going to drive our business in the next 18 months?
  • How do we ensure that we continue to provide excellent service to our existing clients while meeting our targets for new business?
  • How can we develop a culture of collaboration among sections of our organization which are scattered geographically?

These are questions to which nobody knows the answer and the collective insight, creativity and commitment of people within an organization are required to achieve success.

MultiMind Solutions assists organizations to find their own answers through embarking on a series of conversations on the core questions that are at the heart of the particular issue.

Our input enables organizations to clarify the questions and then to engage in group processes which are tailor made to address complex matters.

About Alan


Alan Stewart, PhD, is the chairman of MultiMind Solutions.

He notes:

“I call myself a professional conversationalist. By this I mean that I facilitate group processes underpinned by guiding principles which encourage participants to converse [Latin con versare – to turn or to dance together] about questions that matter to them, with the starting point of ‘We are in this together and to treat each other well.’

For when people interact in such contexts they invariably feel alive, inspired, connected, surprised, engaged, empowered, responsible and open to possibility.

What else could be at the root of the enjoyable, enriching, enlivening and energising experiencing from which very creative and productive outcomes are spontaneously co-created when conditions are right for conversing? “

For more on Alan see here.


Our Associates

Alan works with a diverse range of people who provide skilled contributions in executive coaching, wholesome leadership development, training in mentoring, and team building. At present these are sub-contractors.

In the future this will be mainly to do with follow-up to forums based on Open Space Technology and/or the World Cafe processes. For these associates are highly experienced in enabling cultural shift to occur.