Overview of the book

This book touches on a real paradox. For while the part conversation plays in our lives is not part of our education it is at the core of our human ‘being.’ Here you can find a clear  insight into the idea that we live in a world formed through conversation with others, and with ourselves, and that we do well to know this and act accordingly.

Seemingly this is so little recognised. Nor are tragic implications of the failing to notice that the quality of our conversing has a huge impact on how we interact with the world.

What can happen when deeper understanding dawns that ‘to converse’ means ‘to dance together’ and to do this well requires skill, practice and imagination? Can this be part of personal growth and be thought of as the essence of human ‘becoming?’

Are many of us conscious of this? Why is this not taught at school or elsewhere? Why do we generally ask so few questions which indicate deep interest in others? Why do we allocate so little time to engage in heartfelt listening?

Is it surprising that many of us reportedly do not experience much ‘human warmth’ and associated feelings of joy of being accepted and of our voice being heard?  For as has been well said “When you receive my words with an open heart that is all a human being needs, to hear and to be heard. Everything else will unfold beautifully.”

Some of what this ‘everything’ is can be appreciated from seeing this cartoon by much loved Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig. You may come to see others possibilities in a similar vein. You may also become more aware of how, in your past, a new way of thinking was sparked by a particular conversation – and of how recognising this reveals how central engaging in conversation is to ‘one thing leads to another.’

And so offered to you here are ways of bringing the unconscious to consciousness of the vital significance of making time to converse. Of coming to a deeper understanding of what conversation is, how to engage in it with growing awareness of what conversing means and what is does! For it will not take you long to become more aware that being more thoughtful in how you speak to people and how carefully you listen makes a world of difference to your ‘becoming’ and to that of others around you. Would you wish to spread more human warmth?

How’s that for an invitation! <smile>

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