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These comments on the book may resonate with you:

“Time to converse is not only a fine piece of art, it’s a jewel of knowledge and inspiration. It captures conversation as a storytelling dance that coordinates our lives.  In today’s highly competitive [and fragmented and distracted ] social environment it is crucial to understand that the success of humankind within the evolutionary history of our planet depends on our capacity for cooperation and communication. Indeed it is time converse, knowing that conversing means changing our life together to create the friendships, the businesses, the organizations, the communities we need and want!  If solutions are possible, they are always found through conversing.”
Lucas Pawlik

“People who know that at the heart of it all, conversation is where great projects begin and where people find each other.  [This] book could inspire much in spirit and in skill.”
Suzanne Daigle

“In these heartfelt “musings”, Alan Stewart shares the pithy quotes, key ideas, and tantalizing opportunities we have to truly “converse” together-turning to one another, dancing together in conversations which expand our thinking, touch our emotions, and nourish our spirits.We are so often tortured with “academic treatises” that are long on citations and short on moments of personal recognition or insight.

This small book does the opposite.  Even without extensive citations, Alan shares his own kaleidescope of personal reflections and those of others who have valued the power of conversation, deep listening, and treating each other well to change our minds and our lives–individually and collectively.

Thank you Alan, for taking time to converse with us, your readers, and enriching our own capacities for human warmth in the process.”

Juanita Brown and David Isaacs
Co-Founders of the World Cafe


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